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Diagnostics API Wideband enhancements

BY Vinodh Seshadri 07 July 2023

CoS/QoS test and documentation has been enhanced to include VLAN / EVCID. This test displays QoS Queue information in Provider Edge Router along with any rate limiters or bandwidth settings found for service. It allows you to monitor Ingress Bandwidth rolling counters and display discarded traffic due to ingress policing.


Service Loop test and documentation has been newly deployed. The service Loopback is a mechanism that provides a soft loopback against a Service EVC that can be used to verify remote connectivity and throughput.  It is designed to face back inwards toward the remote UNI end.

The loopback will perform a MAC-SWAP and it is up to the customer to  be able to generate traffic to verify throughput capacity. It is applied before the local UNI ingress policer which the policer will not be “tested”.  The loopback is customer traffic impacting for that particular service.

The loopback will automatically disconnect after 1 hour.  A loopback icon is visible on the schematic that indicates when a loopback has been applied.

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