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Explore the possibilities

Telstra’s Developer Portal, unlocking our core APIs.

Welcome To TelstraDev

TelstraDev is a world-class Developer Center that unlocks Telstra's core products and services and puts it in the hands of developers to create innovative digital experiences. As a registered developer, you'll be able to use some of our leading API services, such as Telstra's enterprise grade Messaging API to send, receive and track messages globally.

Don't forget to connect with our community, share your experience and check out some of our blogs and tutorials for inspiration. We look forward to developing new connected experiences together!

Why choose TelstraDev

Australia's largest IoT Network

Telstra's world-class, end-to-end capabilities sets you up for success acrosss all components of your IoT solutions.

Core Network Services and Applications

Accelerate TTM by reducing development friction through rapid access to pre-exposed and
catalogued enterprise functionality.

Cost optimisation

Our solutions are built to integrate and improve your business processes to help you compete.