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New Accounts Experience

BY Mihir Satokar 15 November 2023

TelstraDev is launching the new Accounts experience today. This change brings with it simplified on-boarding into TelstraDev and redefines how you interact with the portal for your Accounts. An Account is nothing but a representation of your Company profile.

Key features:

Get started with your keys in a matter of minutes.
Improved experience to request for a new billing account.
Enhanced header to help switch between accounts you own.

Key changes:

-If you are a part of a billed account, you will land on the TelstraDev Dashboard. From here, you can navigate to access account and key details.
-If you already have a developer account with TelstraDev, you can continue to use your free-tier keys. If you are not a part of an account yet, TelstraDev will get you started as soon as you log in. From here, you can create a set of keys and begin using APIs.
-continue to use the same keys without having to request for new ones once billing details are available.

We hope you find the new experience helpful. If you have any feedback for us, please do reach out to