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We want YOU to shape the future of TelstraDev!

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We want YOU to shape the future of TelstraDev!

If you are a keen developer who wants to make Developer Portals a better place for easier, quicker, more effective software tools and API products, then we want to hear from you! TelstraDev is expanding our portal and API feature roadmap and are conducting interviews with devs over the next month who can shape the future developer experience.



We want TelstraDev APIs and the developer portal to be in sync with current needs of our developers. We’ve got some great things planned over the next few months, and looking to make sure they are addressing all your needs and hopes!


What are we asking of you?

Participate in a 1:1 research session with us where we’ll ask for feedback on your experience as a Developer and specific needs and expectations you have of your service provider. An average research session is approx. 1 hour.


What’s in it for you?

You’ll have a key role in shaping the future investments in our Developer Experience and API feature backlog. With your honest feedback, we’ll be able to make the life of devs like you more enjoyable and efficient! We will also share the key findings from this research and its influence on our product roadmap with participants after the study.


I’m in! What’s next?

If you’re keen to make your mark on the future of TelstraDev, Join the conversation by emailing to book your feedback session. A Telstra Customer Experience researcher will conduct an interview with you over video call at your preferred time.


Thank you for sharing your valuable time and insights to make the developer experience the best it can be for you, and your fellow devs, makers, innovators and engineers. If you would like to recommend a colleague (we welcome non-TelstraDev users to participate to!) Please direct them to us.