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Updated Telstra Wireless Application Development Guidelines

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by Michelle

Updated Telstra Wireless Application Development Guidelines

We've been asked by a few developers recently when Telstra will have an updated "Telstra Wireless Application Development Guidelines". This guide aims to;

  1. educate developers about Telstra’s mobile network;
  2. encourage developers to produce network more efficient “impact friendly” applications i.e. applications that don’t impose an unnecessary strain on the mobile network; and
  3. overall enhance developers’ experience of the network.

It is important to understand how to best develop for our mobile network. Your design choices can have significant effects on how well your application works, as well as potentially give your product or solution a competitive edge and improve its performance, by improving things like its feature set, longevity and compliance to industry standards.

The guide has been outlined and explained in a previous TelstraDev blog post:

Check back to this blog post for the latest guide. We will let you know if there is a new version, but the current latest version is still July 2020.


If you have any questions about the guide, and how to optimise your development with Telstra's network, let us know!