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Telstra’s Code of Conduct – helping you collaborate quickly and safely

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by Vinodh

Telstra’s Code of Conduct – helping you collaborate quickly and safely

You told us you wanted to be able to get support from the dev community at all hours, and we listened. From November 2021, forum posts will no longer be manually moderated before they go live. Instead, they’ll appear instantly to all users. That means you’ll be able to receive quicker responses from our expert community users, without having to wait for us. Plus, we’ve introduced a Code of Conduct to keep our Telstra Dev spaces safe and encouraging.


What is the Code of Conduct?

The Telstra Code of Conduct will apply to our online forums and pull requests to our GitHub repos, as well our physical and virtual community events (such as the AusIoT meetup and hackathons). Users who accept to the Code of Conduct before posting agree to interact with each other in a safe and productive manner. Read the full Code to learn more.

Now what?

Keep using our forums to ask for help, check common issues, and support your fellow devs. Our admins will also continue to respond to posts as soon as possible, within Australian business hours.

This change was thanks to feedback from our community (namely Steve, Andy and Wayne). If you have an idea that can help improve your Developer Experience, let us know here

Remember: Information shared on our website is publicly available, so please do not post your keys/secrets or personal details on forum pages.