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Technical error - Invalid Api Call as no apiproduct match found

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by Robert

Technical error - Invalid Api Call as no apiproduct match found


When i am trying to hit messaging api ( either provisioning or sending sms) , it returns the 401 TECH-ERR, Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found.
Can you please guide how to overcome this issue, The issue occurs with production keys. I am on payg plan while this problem won't occur with trial keys.


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by Brent

Same issue with me

Same issue with me

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by Michelle

More info: Invalid Api Call as no apiproduct match found.

Hi dumlicelmo ,

The error message “Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found” occurs if you have an incorrect API endpoint. Please take note that the current API endpoint of Telstra API has been migrated to V2. Kindly check the API endpoint you are using. You can use the API endpoint for sending messages and for provisioning


Happy to have a look over your script if you'd like to send it in to !

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by Michelle

no apiproduct match found - for Messaging API with Credit Card

dumlicelmo and brenthay90

Can you please confirm if you are using a PAYG account with Credit Card as the billing method?


As of 1 June 2020, developers no longer have access Messaging API production keys with new credit card billing accounts: To access the paid account for Messaging API, you must create a company with a Telstra Billing account number associated. If you are not an existing Telstra customer, or if you are an existing Telstra customer but don't have a 10 digit account number ending in 0, please contact TelstraDev support by emailing and we will help you create a Telstra Account.


If you already have access to the Messaging API production keys with an existing Credit Card billing method, your account will not be affected by this change. This applies only to accounts created with Credit Card billing after 1 June 2020.

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by Ayush

How soon can someone contact me? No sales number? No one to call

Seems kind of strange that you can create, register, everything but you are not told you need to do this even just to test the API out. No one to call, support doesnt know about etc etc.

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by Michelle

TelstraDev Support Lines

Hi ahmed.abbas,

Sorry you had difficulty getting support over the weekend. We have Support page in the top menu which gives you a few methods to troubleshoot any issues you come across with your Portal Experience or API usage: 

The first point for support is checking out our FAQs: 

Each API has their own set of FAQs built into the documentations

Next, see if your problem has been solved in a previous forum post: . You can go to the particular forum channel (e.g Messaging API: or do a site search to find your key words.

You can do as you have done today and post a new forum to get other developers to help, and the TelstraDev support team monitors these forums.

There are also some tutorials in our blogs for more complex questions:

If all else fails please send us an email at There is also a dedicated support number on the Support Page.


Hope that helps!  

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by Mikaela

still getting this error

Hello, I updated our company account from credit card to Telstra account, even though it's still pending approval I was under the impression that I could start using the messaging API...or do I have to wait until it has been approved?


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by Michelle

Pending Billing Approval

Hi mik
You will need to wait for billing approval before you can send messages with your production keys.
 You'll receive an email when that's done and it shoudn't take more than a few days. Thanks for your patience!

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by Michelle

New way to request a Telstra Billing Account

If you receive this 401 error: Invalid Api Call as no apiproduct match found , you will need to apply for a Telstra billing account. 


Start by filling in this form, and we will guide you through the rest!

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by Michelle

Updated Error Messages

Good news! We have now updated our Messaging API documentation to include more informative troubleshooting steps for this and all other error codes! 

Check it out, and give us your feedback: 


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