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SMS Replies to email

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by James

SMS Replies to email

Using the telstra desktop messaging app, we can set all replies to go to an email address. 

Is this possible using the API? And if so, where can I look to get started? I have seen the notifyURL parameter in create subscription and SendSMS but dont see how I can use an email address with that

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by Michelle

Email endpoints for Messaging API


How have you gone with the Telstra Desktop Messaging App? Are you thinking of moving to the Messaging API instead? There are a few differences in the capabilities between the 2 products.

Short answer is no. There isn't an endpoint in the Messaging API to integrate with emails today. We are building out a v3 of the API currently, and I can certainly suggest this as a new feature if it's a common requirement.


Can I ask your use case for converting replies to email? I can imagine it would be good to have email as a 'push' notification when you get a new reply to your virtual mobile number. 

I've experimented a bit with triggering actions based off of incoming message replies to my Telstra virtual mobile number. Not email, but I have set up a flow in Node Red that allows you to text a request for IoT sensor data to my Messaging API virtual mobile number (utilising the notify URL), checks the body of the reply message, and take some live IoT data from my Arduino board and sends it back as a text to the original sender! Not exactly what you are looking for, but it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to replace that IoT flow with one that converts the inbound reply to an email! We did a video tutorial on it, and the resources are on GitHub

So not as straightforward as the Telstra Desktop Messaging App, but that's where the fun comes in with APIs! they are more like building blocks with the core Messaging Functions, and you can integrate them with so many different triggers and other APIs! The NotifyURL is pretty handy. We have a tutorial coming soon to explain more, otherwise there's a short blog on how you can utilise it here:

Let me know how you go with that. We are also working on ways to better take on feature suggestions like this. Watch this space for V3 of the API!

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