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SMS in python doesn't seem to work

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by Szymon

SMS in python doesn't seem to work
Hi,   I am attempting to use the Messaging API and repeatedly find the same 500 error below:     {     "status":"500",     "code":"TECH-ERR",     "message":"Technical error : Execution of JS.ModifyMessageIdURLResponse failed with error: Javascript runtime error: \"TypeError: Cannot call method \"map\" of undefined. (modifyMessageIdURLResponse.js:57)\" : An error has occurred while processing your request, please refer to API Docs for summary on the issue"     }     We are using the API in python pretty much as presented in the python example and the getting started section. Are there any suggestions as to what is going on?  

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by anonymous

Hi szymon.zieba, 
Hi szymon.zieba,  Can you please post the body of your query (the json payload)
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