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Sending SMS Not Working All The Time (Resource-Not-found)

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by Mike

Sending SMS Not Working All The Time (Resource-Not-found)
We are trying to send SMS using the PHP SDK. It sends the SMS fine but sometimes it returns RESOURCE-NOT-FOUND / INVALID RESOURCE. I was also able to replicate this using Postman.
"message":"Invalid resource. Refer to API docs at"
If we try to send again then it sends successfully, it just happens randomly and sometimes it returns that error message multiple times before it actually sends the SMS. It works the first time it sends but sometimes not and need to retry once or multiple times before it sends.
We tested this using the API [POST] "messages/sms" and using the following parameters:
"body":"Test message",
How can we prevent this from happening to make sure all SMS sent from our system is sent all the time?

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by Vinodh

Sending SMS Not Working All The Time (Resource-Not-found)

Hi Mike,

You emailed us as well with the same issue.  We are investigating this issue.  Once we have a resolution we wil update this post.


Thanks for your patience.




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