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Sending an SMS from my IoT device

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Sending an SMS from my IoT device

Several developers have reached out lately to find out how to send an SMS directly from their Arduino device as a trigger to some sensor input.


The Telstra IoT network is capable of sending data and SMS, and we see SMS as a great communication channel for criticla IoT alerts. 

You may have seen a recently added sketch from Arduino in their MKRNB library, to send SMS (see their GitHub for sktech details here)


The SIMs that come with our Arduino IoT devkit are data only, and do not have SMS enabled, so you won't be able to utilise this function with the SIM included.

However! You can get your hands on a production Telstra IoT SIM by contacting your nearest Telstra Business Technology Centre (TBTC) or directly from our reseller M2MOne.


Even without direct SMS capability, you can utilise Telstra's Messaging API to send and receive SMS to and from your IoT device via an IoT broker. 

I have a few examples of implementing that here with some Environmental Monitoring and Fall Detect workshops. Check out these GitHub repositories and YouTube tutorials to explain how this works, please check those out and let us know if we can be of further assistance:

Here's the gist of how we did it:

Check out the 'Resources' tab on the Arduino product for more Telstra IoT devkit resources: