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Receive MMS to dedicated number

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by Avinash

Receive MMS to dedicated number
Hello team,   I want to receive MMS to the dedicated number. I was searching for the API. can you let me know that is it possible to receive MMS to dedicated number. If yes, then how?   Thanks, Avinash

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by anonymous

Hi Avinash, 

Hi Avinash, 

Not at this stage but it is something being requested, weve already been discussing about getting it onto the product roadmap #staytuned

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by Mark

Is legacy SMS supported for MMS like a real mobile number?

I have legacy SMS on some real mobile numbers so that MMS is delivered as a link in the message to a Telstra portal where the attachment can be viewed.

Is this legacy support for MMS available with Messaging virtual number? What happens to MMS messages otherwise?

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by Vinodh

Is legacy SMS supported for MMS like a real mobile number?

Hi Mark,

SMS notification for MMS is supported in the API.  This normally happens when the phone is not capable of receiving MMS or also often in cases for International destinations.  Please note that we charge based on submission and not based on delivery, so in this case it will be charged as MMS.




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