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Polling message status

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by Paul

Polling message status


If I poll an sms status with a request /messasges/sms/{messageId}/status immediately after the send request it always returns a deliveryStatus of "PEND" and sentTimetamp of ''.

This makes sense but what I want to do is continue polling until the status is DELVRD. I tried sending a second status request, i.e. a separate FETCH in javascript but it returns { status: '404',

Since this does not work, what is the correct way? (I don't want to specify notifyURL)



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by DeveloperSteve

Hi paulesammut

Thanks for reaching out, ive been talking to the team on this one.

Currently the query will only work once on the last message stored (regardless of message status) but we are looking at expanding this beyond for future releases.

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