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PHP Basic example not working

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by Ryan

PHP Basic example not working
Hi. I am trying to test the basic example for PHP sending an SMS from here I am able to get a provisioning no. and am being advised that the message has been sent and is waiting in queue however I am not reciving the SMS on the receiving mobile device no. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i would like to use the API sevice for a datalogging application that I am currently working on. Thanks Ryan  

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by David

Send through a screenshot of your 201 response

Hi Ryan, I had a look at your recent calls using the free trial and I couldn't see any problems. Could you please send me through a screenshot with the send SMS response and also your contact details so we can work through this with you? Also, it would be interesting to know what network the receiving mobile is on?

You can email this to us at;

thanks, David Freeman (the TelstraDev team)

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