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MMS fails to send: Vodafone

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by Doug

MMS fails to send: Vodafone
Hi, I've been trying to contact the support team to no avail. I am not having success with sending MMS to Vodafone users.  I understand the message status is of no use in this instance so I would like to understand what might be going wrong.  The JPG I am sending is <=30kb.  I have sent an SMS to the same number and this has been successful. Anyone else seen any issues with Voda like this?

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by Michelle

MMS fails to send: Vodafone - We're on it!

Hey Doug!

I'll continue working with you directly with this particular issue, and if it turns out to be more than a once-off I'll loop back here and post the resolution for the benefit of others. As mentioned, it's a bit tricky to manage how the other operates handle inbound messages, but we're onto it.


Refering to the Messaging API Documentation:

Q: Sometimes I am missing delivery receipts, why is this happening?

A: Telstra can guarantee delivery receipts are provided for any mobile service connected on Telstra's network so long as the destination handset is able to receive SMS or MMS messages. For other carriers, although messages will be delivered to valid handsets on those carriers, they do not have an obligation to provide delivery receipts back to Telstra.


Michelle from TelstraDev

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