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MMS Delivery Status is always "PEND"

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by Dwain

MMS Delivery Status is always "PEND"
We've sent some test MMS which were received on the handsets but querying the status of the message seems to always show "PEND". A notifyURL was provided for each message but has never been called. These tests were done this morning. Multiple different handsets on the Telstra network were used. Can you please advise us as to how we could troubleshoot this issue? Thanks.

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by David

Hi Dwain,

Hi Dwain,

Delivery status should show you the actual delivery status of the message (delivery reciept). I'll check this with engineering as I can see that "PEND" is only coming through for Telstra handsets. (NOTE: generally for Optus and Vodafone we can't guarantee a delivery reciept, for example; Vodafone do not provide a MMS delivery reciept that can be traced back to the original message (which is an issue with the way Vodafone work with MMS DLR).

I'll be following this up now.


The TelstraDev Team


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