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Missing API documentation

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by Matthew

Missing API documentation

In Send SMS ( the notifyURL description states: "Please refer to the Delivery Status section for more information."

In Get SMS Status ( it has the following

"SMS Status with Notification URL

When a message has reached its final state, the API will send a POST to the URL that has been previously specified. Upon receiving this call it is expected that your servers will give a 204 (No Content) response."

However, none of the example responses or documentation mention the messageId, so I had to run some tests to determine what the JSON format of the above mentioned POST to the notifyURL for message status

"to": "+614xxxxxxxx",
"from": "+614xxxxxxxx",
"sentTimestamp": "2022-08-03T21:30:19+10:00",
"receivedTimestamp": "2022-08-03T21:30:17+10:00",
"messageId": "string",
"deliveryStatus": "DELIVRD"

Hope this helps others, and hope the TelstraDev team update their doucmentation to include it.