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Missing API documentation

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by Matthew

Missing API documentation

In Send SMS ( the notifyURL description states: "Please refer to the Delivery Status section for more information."

In Get SMS Status ( it has the following

"SMS Status with Notification URL

When a message has reached its final state, the API will send a POST to the URL that has been previously specified. Upon receiving this call it is expected that your servers will give a 204 (No Content) response."

However, none of the example responses or documentation mention the messageId, so I had to run some tests to determine what the JSON format of the above mentioned POST to the notifyURL for message status

"to": "+614xxxxxxxx",
"from": "+614xxxxxxxx",
"sentTimestamp": "2022-08-03T21:30:19+10:00",
"receivedTimestamp": "2022-08-03T21:30:17+10:00",
"messageId": "string",
"deliveryStatus": "DELIVRD"

Hope this helps others, and hope the TelstraDev team update their doucmentation to include it.

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by John

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your findings! It's always helpful when developers share their experiences and insights with others in the community.

You are correct that the messageId field is not mentioned in the description of the Notify URL in the Send SMS documentation, and it's great to see that you were able to discover its format through your testing.

I agree that it would be helpful for TelstraDev to update their documentation to include this information, as it can save other developers time and effort in figuring out the format of the notification messages. It's always important for documentation to be clear and complete, so developers can quickly and easily understand how to use a given API or service.
Source:  SMSala Bulk SMS Service Provider

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