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Messaging API Free Trial: now limited to 100 messages (403 MSG_Monetisation_ERR)

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Messaging API Free Trial: now limited to 100 messages (403 MSG_Monetisation_ERR)

The Free Trial inclusions for the TelstraDev Messaging API have changed:

  1. There is now a limit of 100 messages per user for developers on the free trial (reduced from 1000).
  2. You may only send messages to a max 5 number of pre-defined recipient mobile numbers (as of 8/8/20)

We believe that this reduced quota for messages on the free trial will still allow our developers to experience the full potential of the Messaging API service, or start testing the functionality to see if it suits their needs. 

If you reach 100 messages, you will receive the following error message, and will no longer be able to send messages using the TelstraDev Messaging API free trial:


403: MSG_Monetization_ERR


When you reach the 100 messages quota, and have found that this service suits your business needs, please create a company profile and add your prefered billing details to continue using the API (note: the only valid billing method for Messaging API currently is a Telstra Billing Account. See this forum post for more info). Once your billing details are validated, you will have access to Paid Keys under your company profile in my apps and keys which you can start using. The Paid version of our Messaging API has many benefits, including; no quota limit on messages sent, ability to use alphanumeric sender ID, having more than ONE virtual subscription at a time and keeping those numbers for 5 years (up from 30 days on free trial). Note: when moving from Free Trial to Paid Keys, you are not able to keep the same virtual number subscription. 

Please note that this quota counts messages sent, regardless of whether or not they were received in full by the recipient. 


For the limitation of message recipients to 5x mobile numbers, this was implemented from Aug 8 2020 and applies to all current and past free trial users. Please see this forum post for how to assign those numbers and comment any questions or concerns you may have about this newly implemented feature limitation:

The 100 message limit does not apply to existing free trial users, only to those with accounts created after 15 October 2020. Error codes and instructions updated in the Messaging API Technical Documentation.


Thank you for choosing to use Telstra's Messaging API Free Trial to prototype your solution! Please comment below any questions, comments, concerns or feedback you have on the trial offering. Keen to hear from you!