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Introducing our new live API status page!

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by Michelle

Introducing our new live API status page!

You asked, we listened.

Our developer community had told us that they would like greater transparency and simple indicators to determine if TelstraDev services are functioning as expected.

We are excited to announce just that, with the launch of TelstraDev’s status page:


This capability will allow our developers to monitor the current health of TelstraDev API services, and subscribe to proactive alerts for API service disruption incidents. These could be planned (e.g upgrades) or unplanned.


We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for this feature evolution. Check in on this community forum for any updates on the incidents you see on the page, and to share your thoughts.


This highly anticipated feature brings us another step closer to delivering our new, World-Class TelstraDev portal experience! Watch this space.