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Incident Reports

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by Michelle

Incident Reports

Check in on this forum, where we will give some further details on incidents seen on the status page:

 Let us know if you see anything you are unsure of, or want to know more about :) 

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by drupal

Scheduled Maintenance 2/11/20

Scheduled Maintenance 2/11/20 @ 8pm AEDT
We're working on our site this evening, with a brief maintenance window from 8-9pm AEDT. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience. Rest assured, this will not affect any API usage, & we'll be back soon!

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by Vinodh

Messaging API Reference docs throwing error

Hi All,


Please note that the Messaging API reference docs page  is throwing an error if accessed without having an active session.  We are aware that this issue may occur for users who are not registered to Telstradev.  We apologise the inconvenience while we investigate this and fix this issue.


In the meantime, if you wish to access this page but not registered with Telstradev, please register with Telstradev to gain access to this page.


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by Vinodh

Messaging API Reference docs throwing error

This error is no longer displayed and the Messaging API reference docs page is accessible to all types of users.  Our team is working on preventive measures.  We will update this post once we complete the activity.



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