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How to contact TelstraDev Support?

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by Michelle

How to contact TelstraDev Support?

If you are stuck with something, and looking for support, here's what you can do:


We have Support page in the top menu which gives you a few methods to troubleshoot any issues you come across with your Portal Experience or API usage: 

The first point for support is checking out our FAQs:  

Each API has their own set of FAQs built into the documentations

Next, see if your problem has been solved in a previous forum post: . You can go to the particular forum channel (e.g Messaging API: or do a site search to find your key words.

You can do as you have done today and post a new forum to get other developers to help, and the TelstraDev support team monitors these forums.

There are also some tutorials in our blogs for more complex questions:

If all else fails please send us an email at There is also a dedicated support number on the Support Page.


Hope that helps! The forums are here 24/7 and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.