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Free Trial Limit of 1 virtual number (MSISDN) provisioned per user

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Free Trial Limit of 1 virtual number (MSISDN) provisioned per user

A developer recently contacted us regarding this error message:


    "status": "405",


    "code": "FREE-TRIAL-ERROR",


    "message": "A Free Trial number may already have been provisioned. Please email for support."



This error occurs when you are trying to provision a NEW virtual mobile number subscription (aka MSISDN) with a Messaging API Free Trial account if you already have an active MSISDN associated with your free trial  account.


There is a hard limit on how many numbers a free trial developer can provision, an existing implied limit with which we've started enforcing with the error message. The Messaging API Docs have been updated with a section describing the difference between the FREE and PAID developer accounts to clarify:


If you are receiving this error message:

  1. Try provisioning a number with the "Create Subscription" API Call, using the app keys you used to create your first virtual mobile number. If that succeeds, keep this number and app, disregarding any others you may have created.
  2. If you have deleted the original app and no longer have access to the client keys to use that subscription, you will not be able to provision a new number. Free Trial accounts can only have one active number associated. Contact support so we can retrieve your number.
  3. Consider upgrading to the full-featured production keys.

Check out the FAQ page for our pricing and process for activating paid apps.


Thank you for testing out the Messaging API Free Trial, we hope it proves valuable! Let us know if you need any help progressing your project further.