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Entering Bnums

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by Cory

Entering Bnums

I am unable to get my Bnum entered. Could you provide instruction, as I cannot find one anywhere? I am getting a 500 Internal error wherever I try to put down my own number as the Bnum??

Vinodh's picture
by Vinodh

Entering Bnums

Hi Cory,

The error indicate that something wrong the API endpoint.

I assume you are using free trial as paid apps does not require Bnum registration.

Register your max 5 B numbers using this POST call. You can send this POST call multiple times, until the max 5 numbers has been reached. Once 5 B numbers have been registered, there is no way to override them and subsequent attempts to register bnums will fail. You are not able to change the list of registered B numbers after registering 5, so we recommend you include your own number to ensure that you can send and receive meaningful test messages while using the Free Trial. You can check which numbers have been registered by using the below GET /bnum call.


Once you have successfully authenticated:

Could you please perform the following and send the request & response if you still get 500 error.


Request body:

    "bnum": [

Note: The instructions above may change in future as we improve our offerings. If you encounter issues while following above instructions, please let us know via a reply to this post for us to correct it, if necessary.

For more information please check:

Hope you find the above information useful, appreciate your feedback.



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