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Delete Subscription Endpoint

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by James

Delete Subscription Endpoint


I'm not sure how the "DELETE" endpoint is supposed to work.

Are we meant to pass it the "destinationAddress" (i.e. provisioned/subscription mobile number) we want to delete?

If so, is that parameter passed through the body or URI?

Also, the "Send this request" button on the page doesn't work as the "DELETE …/subscriptions" endpoint looks like it's expecting JSON data to be passed with it. From that page, it currently returns a 500…

{"status": "500", "code": "TECH-ERR", "message": "Technical error : JSONThreatProtection[cp_JSONThreatProtection.DoSAEvaluation]: Execution failed. reason: Expecting { or [ at line 1 : An error has occurred while processing your request, please refer to API Docs for summary on the issue"}

Love where the Messaging API is going – thanks for all your hard work so far!



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by anonymous

Hi jfureyt-dev, 
Hi jfureyt-dev,  The API is expecting there to be a json payload so you'll just need to send an empty payload {} Thank you for the feedback and stay tuned for more to come
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