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CreateSubscription error

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by Kieran

CreateSubscription error

I've been getting an error when creating a subscription which the activeDays is set to more than the max.
The documentation says that:

For paid apps, a provisioned number can be allotted for a maximum of 5 years. If a Provisioning call is made which will result to activeDays > 1825, a 204 No Content response will be returned to indicate that the provisioned number is already valid for more than 5 years and that no update to activeDays has been made.

In practice I've been receiving the following error instead of the 204 No Content response:

"status": "500",
"code": "org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined@0",
"message": "TypeError: Cannot read property \"faultstring\" from undefined"

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by anonymous

Hi Ko

Are you using keys from a PAYG or enterprise account?

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by Kieran


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by Mihir

Python SDK

Does anyone know if there is a Python SDK available that I can use?

Python SDK. ... The Alteryx Python SDK is a Python extension module that provides users the ability to write custom Alteryx plugin tools using Python. Use the Python SDK to access core elements of the Alteryx Engine framework.

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by Michelle

Hi KIERAN O'SHEA I hope you

Hi KIERAN O'SHEA I hope you have been able to resolve your issue! If not, let us know.


MIHIR SATOKAR there certainly is a Python SDK! We are actually working on an updated version of the SDK now. You can find it (and other languages) on our GitHub:

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