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Coverage map?

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by Greg

Coverage map?
Hi, Is there really a coverage map for M1 and NB service? Several pages seem to say so, but the links (like ) get redirected back to a general capabilities promo page, which also has a link for coverage map, which comes back to the same place... Thanks.

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by Michelle

Telstra IoT Coverage Maps
Hi gnash, sorry you had trouble finding that info! Not sure why it wasn't working for you. Please try now, follow the link for IoT Coverage and scroll down to "LTE-M Coverage " aka Cat-M1. You should be able to search for postcode, or addresses in that interactive map, or just zoom in and out on where you want to check for coverage. Let me know if you still have trouble.   

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by Rohan

Hi there,

Hi there,

I'm from Energex and am looking to do a report on the comparison of 3g and 4g on our field devices. Before hand I was able to pull in the arcGIS layer but now there is a token required. Is it still possible for me to pull the layer into my own GIS?

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