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Changing the GPS collection frequency

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by Campbell

Changing the GPS collection frequency
The product description states that it will collect GPS locations every 1 minute. This is the default setting. What other values can this be set to? (minimum, maximum, step size)

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by Lauren

Changing the GPS collection frequency
The CAT-M1 Solar Tracking Unit collects GPS locations up to once per minute when moving, and once every 4 hours when stationary. This is not configurable by the end user. This configuration allows the unit to maintain battery levels when installed and used in use cases with sufficient sun exposure.  The newly released CAT-M1 Tracking Unit, sends in a location update once per day via Cat-M1 and also advertises via Bluetooth for observation by the Telstra Bluetooth Community.   It is on our roadmap to allow the user to change this frequency to be 1, 2 or 4 times a day.
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