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change sender number

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by Boris

change sender number

is there a way to change the sender number to a custom name (in php)?

Vinodh's picture
by Vinodh

change sender number

Hi Boris,

Yes, it is possible to change the 'from' number to an alphanumeric field.

Please read the documentation regarding 'from' field available in this page -> 

Michelle's picture
by Michelle

more on the "from" attribute (aka alphanumeric sender ID)


As Vinodh mentioned, you can set custom text for where the SMS comes "from". You can set an Alphanumeric Sender ID of up to 11 characters. This is a great way for companies using the API for professional broadcasts and they want it to come from their company name instead of from a mobile number. 

You set this "from" as a parameter in the body of the API call that sends the text message (POST, so find the place in your PHP code that does that operation.

This feature is only available for paid customers, and only for destinations within Australia.


There are a few other situations where the alphanumeric 'from' attribute will be unsuccessful (e.g if replyRequest is set to true, or you try and spoof it with another mobile number), but check out the section of 'from' for that API endpoint in the documentation for more info: 

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