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by George


Hi, we are using RAK8213 BG96 modules for an IoT sensor communicating over the Telstra CatM1 network.

We are investigating the use of Power Saving Mode to lower data usage (from tcp reconnections) and power consumption. 

As a test we are trying to set the active timer (T3324) to 30 seconds and the periodic timer (T3412) to 60 seconds. 

We have been working with Quectel support to figure out why the modules only go to sleep for approximately 6 seconds. 

In the case above, we checked the network supplied timers with 


[2022-11-15_17:28:49:195]+QPSMS: 1,,,"3240","30"

which indicates the periodic timer is set to 12H


We are also using Hologram sims on this particular module. 

Are limitations around using PSM on Telstra CatM1 networks around the Albury Wodonga region that we should be aware that might be complicating things?