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API to get Location history gives 401 error.

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by Prakash

API to get Location history gives 401 error.


I am trying to get location history through API as mentioned below but returns the 401 error. I have added serial number of the asset tag 'C0111905278C3329'. Not sure whether i am missing any detail. Please have a look on screenshot below.


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by Vinodh

Hi Prakash,

Hi Prakash,

I checked the call syntax and did not find issue with it.

In order to understand the issue better, could you please confirm the following:

1.  You have access to the Track & Monitor API within Telstradev portal.

2.  Authentication scope used was "LOT_DEVICES_READ" when acquiring the token.

Also, please read documentation in for more information.




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by Michelle

Resolved: 401 Track and Monitor API Error

Hi Prakash,

I believe you have resolved this issue offline with our Track and Monitor DevOps experts. 

They found that the API Keys you were using were invalid, which was causing this error. Make sure you are using the production keys under your company profile to access production apps. You can switch from your personal developer profile to your company profile by selecting it in the drop down in the top menu bar. 

There is currently a known issue where developers with multiple companies may not be able to switch company profiles. We are actively working on resolving this ASAP. In the meantime, please reach out if you are unable to switch companies.

There is also a known issue when using the shortcut button to copy your Client Secret from the My Apps and Keys page adds a trailing space which may cause authentication errors (i.e "invalid client" error). Simply check the copied secret and remove any trailing or leading spaces. This is also something our devops team is working on resolving ASAP!

Thanks for your patience and glad to hear the issue was resolved promptly offline! 

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