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403 MSG_Monetization_ERR

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403 MSG_Monetization_ERR

Some customers have recently contacted us regarding the 403 MSG_Monetization_ERR. If you are using credit card as preferred billing method*, there is a $1000 spend limit per month. If you reach this $1000 spend limit within the month, you will no longer be able to send paid messages and will receive this 403 Error Response;



    "status": "403",

    "code": "MSG_Monetization_ERR",

    "message": "Your plan is inactive or you have reached your credit limit for the month. Please email for support."



To continue using the Messaging API this month, please contact us to create a Telstra Billing Account to replace the credit card billing method. This is required for all customers expecting to send >5000 Messages per month, or spending >$1000 on their account. Note, this total includes any purchases made on the IoT Marketplace. Note, creating a billing account can take a full working week so we will advise you a reccomended interim solution. 


*Credit Card is no longer a valid billing method for new Messaging API accounts as of 1 June 2020. To access the paid account for Messaging API, you must create a company with a Telstra Billing account number associated. If you are not an existing Telstra customer, or if you are an existing Telstra customer but don't have a 10 digit account number ending in 0, please contact TelstraDev support by emailing and we will help you create a Telstra Account. If you already have access to the Messaging API production keys with an existing Credit Card billing method, your account will not be affected by this change. This applies only to accounts created with Credit Card billing after 1 June 2020.