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New Developer Feature: API Service Status Page

BY Michelle Howie 07 July 2020

You asked, we listened.

Our developer community had told us that they would like greater transparency and simple indicators to determine if TelstraDev services are functioning as expected. We are excited to announce just that, with the launch of TelstraDev’s status page:

This simple dashboard will allow our developers to monitor the current health of TelstraDev API services and endpoints, subscribing to proactive alerts for API service disruption incidents. These incidents could be planned (e.g upgrades) or unplanned.

One of our public APIs, the Messaging API, has extremely high availability (>99%), but we understand that it's not just potential outages you want to know about; it's any fluctuation in the service. That's what we've included detail of the current latency, the API Response Time, of 3 key API calls on the status dashboard:

  1. Get Oauth token
  2. Send SMS
  3. Send MMS

We hope this proactive monitoring will give you a more frictionless, self-serve experience with our TelstraDev portal and APIs, so you can serve YOUR clients and customers better. You can subscribe to updates on the status page via email, to be notified immediately of any incidents.

In the future, if you love this new developer feature, we'll look to expand the reporting to more availability and performance metrics of the TelstraDev APIs. We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for this feature evolution on the forum: 

The TelstraDev portal is Telstra's API and IoT marketplace, serving thousands of developers to build, create and innovate on the core capabilities of our world-class network. This portal is delivered through a robust, scalable and transparent monetization platform for Telstra's public-facing APIs, which is always improving.

Each incident reported on the portal, will come with an explanation of the severity and impact. Some of the incidents reported on the status page, are not an indication of service outages, but may be a result of planned upgrades or unplanned disruptions to the monitoring platforms that we use to display the dashboard. Check in on our dedicated community forum for any updates on the incidents you see on the status page, or to ask the TelstraDev team to explain any concerns:

This highly anticipated feature brings us another step closer to delivering our new, World-Class TelstraDev portal experience! The next thing we are working on, is updating the portal registration process to make it easier for users that are already registered across other Telstra Platforms (keep an eye out for a new log-in interface!)


Looking forward to hearing what brilliant connected experiences you are creating with us!



TelstraDev Developer Advocate

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