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by Michelle

Got a suggestion?

Got an idea for how your Developer Experience on the TelstraDev portal can be improved? Looking for an API, a feature or tutorial that's missing? Something not quite right with the docs or the product you are using? Let us know! 


TelstraDev is in the midst of a big change to our Developer Community and Ecosystem, and want to incorporate your ideas. You suggestions will be taken into consideration in our future roadmap. 

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by Michael



Hi Michelle, I am looking for the API for TELSTRA MTDATA


Thank you,



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by Michelle



Thanks for reaching out with your query for a new IoT API. 

I see you've rightly connected with the MT Data team directly over email, as this is not a TelstraDev product. Keen to hear from you again if you do every have new API suggestions for us!


All the best

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by Chiran


I'd like it if you could make the API documentation more simpler and easy to comprehend.

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by Vinodh


Hi Chiran,

Thanks for sharing your experience with our API Documentation. Which API in particular are you referring to?


The TelstraDev team is actively working on a new and improved Documentation Experience for the Messaging API that includes clearer error responses, specific tutorials and a product overview. We hope to launch this for our developers in the near future.

Can you please share any specific feedback you have on where the documentation can be improved? That way we can raise it with our API engineering or development teams to add to the upcoming release if not considered already.




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by Michelle

Updated Documentation experience


Thanks for raising that feedback about the documentation! We have addressed the suggestion for the API documentation to be simpler in this new docs design:

Let us know what you think! We have only updated the Messaging API for now, is that the API you were refering to?


If you could be more specific in your feedback, I'd like to know which part of the experience wasn't clear to you so we can make sure that is addressed. 

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by Russell



I got an email asking me to be involved in an interview / online survey about IOT.

But now I cannot find the email. I think it was from this platform.

If it is styill an open invitation, can you resend the email?




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by Michelle

Invite for feedback sessions

Hi Russel!

TelstraDev's Developer Experience team is always looking to speak to developers to include their feedback in our portal and API designs. I'll follow up with you on email to schedule a session if you like. These are for API developers specifically though.


If you're into IoT, feel free to join our IoT Developer meetup, there is a monthly meetup and discord and youtube channel: 

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