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by Michelle Howie

Got a suggestion?

Got an idea for how your Developer Experience on the TelstraDev portal can be improved? Looking for an API, a feature or tutorial that's missing? Something not quite right with the docs or the product you are using? Let us know! 


TelstraDev is in the midst of a big change to our Developer Community and Ecosystem, and want to incorporate your ideas. You suggestions will be taken into consideration in our future roadmap. 

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by Michael Pascoe



Hi Michelle, I am looking for the API for TELSTRA MTDATA


Thank you,



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by Michelle Howie



Thanks for reaching out with your query for a new IoT API. 

I see you've rightly connected with the MT Data team directly over email, as this is not a TelstraDev product. Keen to hear from you again if you do every have new API suggestions for us!


All the best

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