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Error 404 - Resource not found issue

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by Ayush

Error 404 - Resource not found issue


We are not able to send any sms though the api.

There has been no changes on our side. We have a telstra and no limit to the amount of messages that we can send. 

Can you please urgently look into this as this is affecting our production.




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by Michelle

Resolved: Re-provision your number and check keys

Hi ahmed.abbas

This error message has been addressed in a previous forum: 

I have checked the API backend and the error message in your case is triggered because your provisioned number is no longer actively linked to your API Key.


please  re-provision your subscription using the same client credentials, re-check the destination mobile number and confirm if the issue still persists! It never hurts to send some test calls in postman to your own number. Check out 'Getting Started' under the docs for the Postman collections. 


If you have a production account, you may not be using your production API keys correctly. Please ensure you are not using your free trial keys. Refer to our FAQs for how to access production keys:

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by Michelle

Updated Error Messages

Good news! We have now updated our Messaging API documentation to include more informative troubleshooting steps for this and all other error codes! 

Check it out, and give us your feedback: 

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