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"Try it now" error generating oauth

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by Tim

"Try it now" error generating oauth
[curl] 60: Peer's certificate issuer has been marked as not trusted by the user. [url]
The above error occurs on the dev web site itself when using the "try it now" area to generate a token. I assume it works fine outside this site, but haven't actually tried yet.... Just thought someone at Telstra might like to check it out since it's not a great look when new customers come along and press buttons on the site. Edit: Tried it from my PC - works fine. So it looks like just the website itself doesn't like the certificates. But while I'm adding info - the page "" has a quote mark missing from the send message example code at the start of the scheduledDelivery line. Not the most encouraging documentation so far :S

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by anonymous

Hi Tin, 

Hi Tin, 

Thanks for reaching out, we are aware of this one and are getting ready for a new site deployment which will depreciate it with a new 3 col view for our documentation. 

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