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SMS Sending Error.

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by Pal

SMS Sending Error.


I got the following error when I was trying to seend SMS to a mobile (non Telstra)


"status": "400",
"message": "Refer to API docs at"

The below jsaon was used (phone nr is replaced to X-es) Is there any API changes?

"to": "04xxxxxxxx",
"body": "Test SMS",
"from": "",
"validity": 1,
"scheduledDelivery": 0,
"notifyURL": "",
"replyRequest": false

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: application/json" --header "Authorization: Bearer YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" -d "{

\"to\": \"04XXXXXXX\",
\"body\": \"Test SMS\",
\"from\": \"\",
\"validity\": 0,
\"scheduledDelivery\": 0,
\"notifyURL\": \"\",
\"replyRequest\": false

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by anonymous

Hi @pai.dorogi, 
Hi @pai.dorogi,  Try setting scheduledDelivery as anything > 1  {     "to": "04xxxxxxxx",     "body": "test",     "from": "",     "validity": 1,     "scheduledDelivery": 1,     "notifyURL": "",     "replyRequest": false }
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