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NB1500 Intermittent connection problems

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by Afnan

NB1500 Intermittent connection problems


I am having an intermittent modem connectivity problem on both boards I purchased from Telstra. They have not been modified in any way, however, they intermittently connect to the network. Whenever they fail to connect, both do not connect. When then work they both work. I have tried solutions presented by the team here Is this a network problem or it is a device problem?


When I try modem test solution I get the following 


19:49:00.087 -> Starting modem test...ERROR, no modem answer.
19:49:10.381 -> Checking IMEI...Error: Could not get IMEI




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by Michelle

Arduino MKR NB 1500 Troubleshooting issues

Hi afnan

Sorry to hear about the issues getting started with the Arduino MKR NB 1500. Can you please confirm if you previously used the device without issues? Or it hasn't been functioning as expected since you received it? 

Unfortunately I'll have to defer to our good friends at Arduino; for any modem related issues. The IMEI is the unique identified of the device, not of the SIM or connectivity. 


We do have a suggest script to run for debugging that helped a previous user with connectivity delays, and you can send any sensitive results directly to our email for further investigation: 


If you haven't already, check out our FAQs and Arduino MKR 1500 Get Started Guide to get all the initial set-up instructions. 

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by Michelle

SOLVED: NB1500 Intermittent connection problems

Hey afnan,

Just got your email to say an upgrade to the firmware of SARA-R410M module seems to have resolved the issue for now.


Let us know if you face the same issues and we can look further into it!

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by Afnan

Solution: Firmware Update

I also did create a video on how to update the firmware. 


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by Zhenglin

Thanks for detailed

Thanks for detailed instruction. It works!


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