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MMS Delivery Notifications Not Working/Reliable

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by Joelle

MMS Delivery Notifications Not Working/Reliable
Hi, I have been trying to get delivery notifications back from sent MMS and it is not working. I am adding a `notifyURL` to my payload when sending the MMS and I know the payload is correct because the delivery receipts are coming back for one or two recipients. I have tried this with about 6 phone numbers, and I only managed to successfully receive delivery notifications for 2 of them. To be clear, all 6 phone numbers are receiving the MMS. Any idea why this may be?

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by anonymous

Hi joelle.lee

MMS notifyURL does work however its going to depend on the size of the image being sent in, the limit is 2 meg in size and currently anything bigger than 2 meg wont bounce or raise an error. 

Ive raised this with the messaging team to see if we can either convert or bounce back. 

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by Joelle

Hey Steve,
Hey Steve, Sorry the formatting on that post was not right. This issue is related to delivery receipts, not replies. If I send the exact same MMS to a colleague (on the Telstra network), the `notifyURL` callback is received with the delivery status of the MMS. But sending the same thing to a few others (on various mobile networks, if that makes a difference), the callback will not be received.

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by Josh

Any update here?
Is there any update on this? major limiting factor that not even an error/bounce is logged to be able to handle... Thanks,  Josh

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by Michelle

Update: MMS Delivery Notifications Not Reliable

Hi guys,

Sorry that the reliability of MMS Delivery Notifications from other carriers is becoming an issue. We have addressed a similar challenge in another forum, and have tasked our product engineers to look into it further. We'll do what we can from our end, but unfortunately it oftens comes back to how the other carriers handle our messages. 

Handling MMS receipts more gracefully in situations like this is in our product roadmap and we’ll keep you posted. 


[updated] Refering to the Messaging API Documentation:

Q: Sometimes I am missing delivery receipts, why is this happening?

A: Telstra can guarantee delivery receipts are provided for any mobile service connected on Telstra's network so long as the destination handset is able to receive SMS or MMS messages. For other carriers, although messages will be delivered to valid handsets on those carriers, they do not have an obligation to provide delivery receipts back to Telstra.


Michelle from TelstraDev

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