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Messaging API Doc's Error

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by paul

Messaging API Doc's Error
  I have been trying to sort out the date for when a number is about to expire, however, after reviewing the info I have found an inconsistency in the documentation. The Documentation says I should get this result back {   "destinationAddress": "+61412345678",   "expiryDate": 1534463077362 } The result I am actually getting back is this. {   "destinationAddress": "+61412345678",   "activeDays": "127" }    

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by Michelle

Resolved: Active Days results

Hi Paul,

When you create the provisioning subscription, the response date will be in Unix format. 

     "destinationAddress": "+61412345678",
     "expiryDate": 1534463077362

As per Create Subscription -


However, when you view the subscription, it will display how many days remaining on your subscription as a string data type. 

     "activeDays": "string",
     "notifyURL": "string",
     "destinationAddress": "string"

As per View Subscription -


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks! Michelle from TelstraDev

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