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Validate my identity to have a paid account.

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by gabriel

Validate my identity to have a paid account.

I already got the message API to work with my software, so now I want to upgrade to a paid account for unlimited use.

The problem I have is that I am trying to validate my identity but I do not have an Australian passport or Medicare, because I am a foreigner, I have my cell phone account on Telstra.

Also send email to

but I haven't had any answers.

How can I validate my identity in my case?

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by Vinodh

Validate my identity to have a paid account.

Hi Gabriel,

We discussed this issue over phone, since you e-mailed us about the same issue.

Here is the summary of our conversation:

1. For setting up a credit card company, the ID verification process require Australian Passport and Medicare details otherwise it will fail.  This is a safety measure to protect our customers from unauthorised use of credit card.

2. As per our documentation and Telstradev policy, Messaging API is not offered via the credit card method.


The other option is to either use the existing Telstra account number ending with 0 to setup a company or create a new Telstra account using your company’s ABN details.


Here are the details:


Option 1: Create Telstradev company using existing Telstra account ending with 0:


1. After login (If user account has not been created, complete the registration from, Navigate to ->

2. Provide the company details under “Step 1 - Company details”. A valid ABN is a mandatory field.

3. Under “Step 2 - Billing details” – Select “Telstra Account” .

4. Provide the 10 digit account number and Authorised Rep (details below).

5. If you agree, select the first tick box after reading the terms and conditions.

6. Verify Authorised Rep and select the tick box.  If you are not sure of Authorised Rep check within your organisation.

7. Submit.


Option 2: If you don’t have an account ending with 0 but have a valid ABN, Create a new Telstra account from


1. A valid ABN is mandatory.

2. Enter other details.

3. Submit the form.


We will create the Telstra between 2 and 5 working days. Once created and verified, you can use the paid version of the Messaging API.  For pricing details, please visit 

Good Luck

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