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by Simon


I'm getting intermittent errors when attempting to send SMS's like this:

Exception when calling MessagingApi->SendSMS: [400] Client error: `POST` resulted in a `400 Bad Request` response:




"message":"Your active days is currently set to 0 or (truncated...)

I was getting these this morning as well, but then it worked fine after about 9am. Anybody else seeing intermittent issues like this?


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by anonymous

Hi Simon

Did you do a provision/subcription call first to provision a line against the API keys? 

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by Simon

Ok, so a little bug with my

Ok, so a little bug with my code, I assumed that getSubscription would fail after the active days expired, but in fact it doesn't, so it worked until my subscription expired

Adjusted my code so that it tests if the active_days >= 0 and if so creates the subscription again.

Is that the typical sort of flow expected?

Pushing the change to

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by Mahesh babu

Hi Steven,
Hi Steven, I am also facing the similar issue.  Please let me know what exactly I need to do to activate this. I am unable to find any choice to activate my app. app name : nostromo-alram Request :  Headers: Content-Type : application/json Authorization : Bearer 57VreE7cFhL6ipj6nYWAnGETeWmH Body: { "to":"+61469807945",  "body":"Test Message",  "from": "+61472880432" }     Response:  {     "status": "400",     "code": "NOT-PROVISIONED",     "message": "Your active days is currently set to 0 or less, please re-provision your account updating the active days value." }   Thank you. Regards, Mahesh Babu Neeli

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by Michelle


For any  "NOT-PROVISIONED", please use the GET/subscription endpoint to re-provision your virtual mobile number.

Check the Messaging API documentation if you need help on that endpoint

Note that all free trial subscriptions have only 30 active days before they should be re-provisioned. 

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