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inbound SMS not working for international numbers

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by Jeevan

inbound SMS not working for international numbers

Hi There, We are trying to test inbound SMS using reply_request option for Australian and Indian numbers. Reply request option(pooling) is working as expected and users are able to send SMS response with out any issue but for Indian numbers following error message appears when they enter their response

Service is not available on this smartcode

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by Vinodh

To summarise the issue:

To summarise the issue:


1. International recipients are unable to reply to the SMS sent via Messaging API.

2. Local recipients are able to reply to the SMS without any issues.


We observed that the international recipients does not get the virtual number sent by Messaging API.  Unfortunately, the destination carriers are overwriting the virtual number with their own numbers for unknown reasons.  This is outside the control of Telstra and this is something Telstra Messaging API engineering team won’t be able to fix.


The only workaround that I see as a possible alternate is to use the virtual number in the body of the message and request recipients to reply to this number.

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