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Status 401: Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found

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by James

Status 401: Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found

Selected PAYG plan and set payment method (credit card) yesterday, which was approved straight away. Now trying to use the id and secret from new application but I get:

"message":"Technical error : Invalid API call as no apiproduct match found : An error has occurred while processing your request, please refer to API Docs for summary on the issue"

  when trying to send SMS.

Program runs perfectly fine using free keys so unsure if there is a period before I can use new application id and secret?

If any other details are needed please let me know as i'm keen to get this working

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by Michelle

Credit card not a valid payment method for Messaging API

Hi JPetrie,

Sorry to hear you're having issues getting started with the Messaging API production keys, but thank you for posting in the forum! I'd be glad to help you transition from the free trial, though credit card is not a valid billing method. You'll need to create a Telstra billing account which will take some time.

Please start by filling out this form:

FYI This error was resolved in a previous forum post:

Here is the resolution:

As of 1 June 2020, developers no longer have access Messaging API production keys with new credit card billing accounts: To access the paid account for Messaging API, you must create a company with a Telstra Billing account number associated. If you are not an existing Telstra customer, or if you are an existing Telstra customer but don't have a 10 digit account number ending in 0, please contact TelstraDev support by emailing and we will help you create a Telstra Account.

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by James

Thanks for info Michelle,

Thanks for info Michelle, Will look into now

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by Michelle

Updated Error Messages

Good news! We have now updated our Messaging API documentation to include more informative troubleshooting steps for this and all other error codes! 

Check it out, and give us your feedback: 

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