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New Limitation on Messaging API Free Trial! B-Numbers now MAX 5

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by Michelle

New Limitation on Messaging API Free Trial! B-Numbers now MAX 5


Before sending any further trial messages, Free Trial apps will now be required to register destination mobile numbers that will be used while trialling Telstra's Messaging API. Up to five destination numbers can be registered. These are the ‘B’ numbers. Any messages sent to numbers NOT on your app’s registered Bnum list will fail.

You will no longer be able to send messages to more than 5 numbers. This change will take effect 8/8/20. 


This is a necessary measure for us to ensure the free trial remains a safe, secure way for our developers to test and validate their business solutions with critical communications.


Instructions for Registering your max 5 ‘B’ numbers using a POST API call will be updated in the API documentation shortly. This can only be done once. You are not able to change the list of registered B numbers after registering them, so we recommend you include your own number to ensure that you can send and receive meaningful test messages while using the free trial. You can check which numbers have been registered using the below GET/bnum call.


We will provide further details in the coming week to reduce the disruption to your current services and provide support in registering yout B numbers, or transitioning to a paid service which does not have these limits.

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by Michelle

How to register B-Numbers

If you are using the Postman Collection from the Messaging API documentation, you will need to open the NEW collection which includes the BNUM endpoint in a "Free Trial" subfolder: 

After you have created an OAuth token and provisioned your mobile subscription, then you can set the list of registered numbers to whom you can send messages with the API.

Open the body of this API call, and replace the default text with "+61487654321" (replace with your number). I recommend you only start by provisioning 1 B number first, to check that it works, and send a few SMS messages to that number. 

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by Ken

Where are the updates for the

Where are the updates for the POST API call to register the 5 'B' numbers?  There's reference in this post to instructions and using " below GET/bnum call." but there are no such instructions nor detail in the GET/bnum call.

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by Michelle

How to register B-Numbers

Hi kenleang,

Thanks for reminding me! I had the above instructions in drafts (doh!) hope that helps.

Let me know if you get stuck on those BNUMs.

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by John

Hi Michelle, thanks for the

Hi Michelle, thanks for the updates - just checking, is the python API/SDK likely to be updated any time soon to match the underlying BNUM changes?

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but I can't find anything about bnums in the current version.

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by Chris

BNUMs in our SDKs

Hi John,

Yes you are correct, the current SDKs right now have only partial parity with the Messaging API service and do not include the BNUM resources. Sorry about that, I hope you have been able to find a work-around?

We are currently working on refactoring both Python and Node.JS releases so that the existing SDKs can achieve full parity, which would include the missing resources. Also if you happen to write your own, please let us know!

No ETA as yet, just keep an eye out here to see when the source & packages are pushed.

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by Cory

New MacBook Pro and unable to download Postman...

Hello Michelle,


I have not been able to download postman on my new MacBook Pro. Any suggestions would be great, as in your explainer video you were on a PC and all the plug ins were imported through the download. I seem not to have been so lucky with the Firefox version of Postman.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

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by Vinodh

New MacBook Pro and unable to download Postman...

Hi Cory,

I checked with one of our developers and here is the response from them.  Could you please let us know how did you go with below suggestions:


There are several options for install postman on MacOS.


Option 1: Using Postman Portal


Option 2: Using Homebrew


Option 3: Using Chrome Extension, although I believe it may have been deprecated,


Hope that helps.



Vinodh & Chris

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by Michelle

Updates to SDKs on the roadmap, and updated tutorials for BNUM!



Looks like my colleagues Vinodh and Chris have covered your questions on the python SDK, missing BNUM info, and specific Mac instructions.


As you might have noticed, the TelstraDev team is expanding, and focusing on uplifting our existing content (including SDKs, tutorials and API documentation!) as well as adding new experiences to our Developer Portal :) Glad to hear the video guide has been useful so far to you too!


If you'd like to give some feedback to our content and experiences that are in development, you can book some time with me here, and I'd be happy to hear more about your ideas and suggestions. 

Otherwise, feel free to leave your feedback & questions on the SDKs and other content here on the forums!


PS. I am working on getting myself across the Mac OS so I can build content across both Windows and Mac soon! Thanks for the push!



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by Michelle

Why "BNUM"?

I've had some developers ask what the BNUM actually means. 

Consider your virtual mobile number as the A number, the B Number (BNUM) = the mobile number who will receive the text.

So the message is sent from A to B. 

Hope that helps!

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