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Telstra's IoT Platform

BY Tiana Fong 18 August 2020


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that collects data from the environment and connects via the internet. With a myriad of sensors that digitise the physical environment, we can pretty much connect any 'thing' at any time, wherever there's internet access.

Telstra IoT Platform: Australia's largest IoT network

In fact, Telstra already has over  3 million IoT connections and is proud to have Australia’s largest IoT network covering up to 4 million square kilometres. To compare coverage, our Telstra mobile voice network still covers an impressive 2.5 million sq km. What this means is that we can connect IoT devices up to 120km away from a base station and still receive connectivity. There’s more to come when we add 5G technology to that network and scale with more devices and data. To manage all those devices, make sense of that tsunami of data, and turn in to actional insights, you need our Telstra IoT Platform.

What is the IoT Platform?

Essentially, an IoT platform is an enabler for accelerated development and customisation of applications. Telstra IoT Platform lets you manage your assets remotely with ease and efficiency. Think of it as an online workbench of tools that lets you manage remote sensors and control data feeds. These software tools (APIs, plug-ins and business rule templates) enable you to:

  1. Connect multiple types of devices
  2. Create IoT applications or device visualisations
  3. Integrate to external systems
  4. Rapidly customise these functionalities through real-time processing and applications.

How does it work? 

When devices or equipment are connected, we can measure, manage and analyse the data they collect. When this data is integrated with existing systems – for example your enterprise back office  the end user can draw additional, actionable insights. The tangible benefits can include reduced maintenance costs, equipment failure avoidance, better field technician productivity and improved business operation.

At a high level, the platform provides three core functions:

An IoT Platform customer solution will include the devices the customer has connected (data management), managed (device management) and visualised, which may include smart rules to notify or trigger events based on data readings. All of this can then be interfaced back into the customers own systems.

What can I do with the Telstra IoT platform?

You can use the Telstra IoT plafrom to turn ordinary things into connected things and turn data into actionable insights. Telstra’s IoT Platform puts you in control of your IoT solutions, giving you visibility and intelligence that has the power to transform how you do business.

It is a one-stop IoT platform for device management, data collection, data visualisation, application development and runtime analytics.

Find out more about the platform capabilities and explore real customer case studies on Telstra Enterprise

Who can use the Telstra IoT Platform?

To access the Telstra IoT Platform, you'll need: 

  • A valid ABN, ACN or ARBN
  • A Telstra Digital Identity (TDI) or a Registration & Enrolment credential (R&E) log in.

Find out more

For more information, including how to get your TDI and get started with the free trial, check out this guide: How to order a Telstra IoT Platform Service

Now you know about the Telstra IoT platform, and you’ve ordered the free trial, try it out by integrating our Arduino MKR NB 1500 device! We’ve published a handy guide to show you how.

If you have any questions or suggestions about innovating with Telstra’s IoT network, check out the Telstra Enterprise page, or post on the TelstraDev IoT Devices community forum.


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