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TelstraDev: a home for developers

At Telstra, we're embarking on a new journey to connect you, the developer, to our services. We realise the importance developers have in coming up with new innovations, in growing new businesses and by shaping the world as we all move "up the stack".

A home for developers

Telstra is getting closer to developers in a big way. In some ways, we've already been talking with developers for a long time through programs such as Muru-D which fosters start-ups, and our Gurrowa Labs which focus on next gen technology. Here at TelstraDev, we want to start creating a home for developers, so when you think of a Telstra service you need you can just here. 

To get you started, we've launched our new developer portal, as well as the Telstra Messaging API, to help you build out your ideas.

The Telstra Messaging API

The great thing about the Telstra Messaging API is that it's all been built here in Australia, and all at Telstra. Everything from the documentation and the API to our enterprise-grade messaging system that's connected to our mobile network. I've had the opportunity to work with some very talented engineers in the company who are behind our mobile network and messaging systems, and it's given me a new appreciation as to the deep expertise and reliability they build into the network. It’s really exciting to see this talent now focussing on what we can do for the developer, and I hope you see this reflected in the Telstra Messaging API.

Let us know what you think

Lastly, we're open for feedback! Once you've registered on our new developer portal we'd encourage you to tell us what you like, what sucks and what else you'd like to see from us. I assure you we will put it on our backlog, even if we don't get to everything at once.

So, please explore and discover more about our new Telstra Messaging API, and remember this is just the start. You'll see a number of new products, features and documentation coming your way over the coming months as we seek to unlock Telstra's services and put them in your hands. After all, this site is all about empowering developers.


David Freeman
General Manager, API Enablement