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Navigate with ease on TelstraDev

BY Mihir Satokar 11 August 2022

It’s now easier than ever to navigate across the TelstraDev portal – . As part of a range of improvements aimed at uplifting the developer experience, we’ve redesigned our global header to bring you a simpler, streamlined and more useful experience.

The new exciting design is the outcome of a series of interviews and workshops with many customers of TelstraDev. We asked you what frustrated you most about our current portal navigation, and what you wanted to see from the new experience.

Using tried and tested UX principles, our findings then led us to reimagine the way we allow users to navigate between different areas of the portal. Our end goal was to reduce the number of clicks required to get where you want to go -- we wanted to allow you to reach different pages within the portal seamlessly. Our new design does just that.


With our refreshed global header, you can now view all available Telstra APIs with just one click, from wherever you are on TelstraDev:

In addition, with the new ‘My Account’ switch link on the right-hand pane, you can move between your various TelstraDev accounts and profiles with ease. With this single click, we’ve also added an additional capability, enabling you to view some useful ‘Quicklinks’ to the Telstra API catalogue, as well as your API keys and secrets.


By clicking on ‘Help & Support’, you now have quick access to helpful Community and Support pages and other frequently accessed links too.


We have rolled out the revamped global header navigation on TelstraDev. You’ll be able to navigate the portal with ease, plus enjoy an overall leaner and cleaner aesthetic on the portal.

Updated on 7-Sep-2022:

TelstraDev is launching the new API keys experience to simplify the way you create and consume keys from the portal. Key generation specific to API products was a highly requested feature in customer interviews. Additionally, key rotation and expiry was something top of mind for the developer community when it came to meeting security and industry standards. We have provided a renewed experience to allow for just that!



What is an API key?

An API key is a unique code used to authenticate an application or user. TelstraDev allows users to create these keys. They act as a unique identifier providing a secret token for authentication to access the API to which it is bound.

We are rolling out the renewed API keys experience on TelstraDev this week. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions to add further to this capability. Please reach out on if you have any questions.