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Introducing Telstra Captis

BY Michelle Howie 26 August 2020

UPDATE [15/7/21]: This product is no longer available for purchase on TelstraDev. More details 


Calling all IoT makers and innovators: we've launched a new device! Telstra Captis Data Logger is robust, it’s secure, it’s connected out-of-the-box, and it’s already powering data insights across the country. Now, it’s available to our TelstraDev developers too.

Introducing the Telstra Captis Data Logger

We’ve seen your innovations and successful projects with the Arduino MKR NB 1500, and so we've brought you the next level of device maturity to solve bigger and better real world problems. Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, the Telstra Captis Data Loggers are remote terminal units (RTUs) that connect to external sensors.

Industrial use cases

Turning operational data into business insights leads to reduced costs, improved safety and sustainability, more efficient operations and more accurate forecasting in industries such as: 

  • utilities (better tracking of resources and assets)
  • agriculture (optimising yield through predictive harvesting)
  • manufacturing (streamlining value chains)
  • mining (data driven automation)
  • smart cities (managing waste, pollution and city traffic).

With the internal Telstra NB-IoT network connectivity you can now collect your sensor inputs remotely, saving the time and expense of truck rolls (super important for IoT deployments in remote areas or hard to access urban jungles). Remote environmental monitoring also enables much higher data density (and hence quality insights) than through manual recording.

The Captis' long list of features includes IP68 rating, Firmware over the Air (yay!), Encrypted traffic via MQTTS and an embedded SIM that connects to ~4 million sq km of Telstra’s massive IoT network.

How does Telstra Captis work? 

Here's a step-by-step explanation for how the Telstra Captis Data Logger captures and transmits data:


Environmental use cases

So what else can you do with it? Well, here's some of the environmental use cases that our customers are already benefitting from:

  • Water quality monitoring – proactively detect, manage and monitor water quality and consumption.
  • Air quality monitoring – reduce the cost of monitoring air quality or temperature and improve safety and sustainability programs.
  • Noise pollution monitoring – improve community satisfaction by monitoring noise from traffic, construction sites and noisy venues.
  • Waste monitoring – monitor sewer levels and the presence of pollutants in waste water. Minimise the impact of agriculture runoff in rivers and seas and waste release from factories and primary industries.
  • Soil monitoring – proactively monitor soil quality in agriculture to optimise hydration, air and plant nutrients and minimise pollutant levels.
  • Oxygen monitoring – monitor oxygen levels in commercial aquaculture industries to optimise lifecycle of stock and improve yield output.

User testimonials

But don't just take our word for it:


The Captis range has been sold through Telstra channels since 2018, with thousands of them currently out in the wild, driving real operational change. 

UPDATE [15/7/21]: This product is no longer available for purchase on TelstraDev. More details 


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