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Creative projects with Microsoft Azure

BY Quinn Tran 25 September 2021

Get your creative juices flowing with the latest in computer vision innovation. 



How Azure Percept is boosting creativity

From art to sign language and all the way to architecture, technology has increasingly become a significant part of the creative process. It has enabled us to communicate with people that don't speak the same language, provided us with new ways to express ourselves through innovative art and given us a means to share our art with the world too.

Azure Percept is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform with added security for creating edge AI solutions. With low-code to no-code paths, it allows you to start projects with zero to no coding experience within just a few hours. Below is is a list of potential projects to begin – pick up a kit and let’s go!

1. Sign language translator

Do you have a friend or family member with a speech impairment? Recently, I figured out a faster way to bridge communication gaps. Leveraging the Azure Percept development kit, I was able to build a two-way translator that allows anyone to communicate with people affected with a speech impairment, and vice versa. Check out the project below. In less than an hour, you can bring up this edge AI platform with the low-code path to train an AI model to convert SL to text. Amazing, isn’t it? Now it’s waiting for you to build in the other direction, text to SL.

Project link: Face your fears, learn new stuff, and push out on the edges with Azure Percept - Microsoft Tech Community


Figure 1:  Sign language translator.

2. Virtual air guitar

How many times have you wanted to pick up a guitar start jamming? Let’s get you started learning guitar for real this time. Follow the link below to find out how you can leverage Azure Percept to build an air guitar which would allow you to play virtual chords instead. 

Project Link: 

Figure 2: Air guitar. Source: link

3. Ballet AI training

See how your ballet body position is translated into motion on a digital canvas leveraging AI vision. Check out this ongoing project to see how Vision AI is used in dance training. 

Project link:

Figure 3: Creative ballet AI training. Source: link.


4. LEGO car

How many times have you stared at that LEGO set and tried to come up with different creative builds? The weekend project below combines the latest Edge AI technology and LEGO to build "Perceptmobile", an Azure Percept-powered obstacle avoidance LEGO Boost car. In this post, goranvuksic will walk you through how to build it. 

Project Link: Perceptmobile: Azure Percept Obstacle Avoidance LEGO Car - Microsoft Tech Community

Figure 4: LEGO car obstacle avoidance with Azure Percept. Source: Link.


5. Package delivery monitor

Timely deliveries are critical in many industries, with manufacturers and retailers often awaiting fresh produce or building materials before starting work. With this project, you can quickly build an computer vision with 5G and set up an end-to-end monitoring system to track your deliveries. 

Project Link: Set up your own end-to-end package delivery monitoring AI application on the edge with Azure Percept - Microsoft Tech Community

Figure 5: Package delivery monitoring. Source: Link.


5G and Azure Percept

At the core of Edge AI is connectivity, and 5G plays a critical role in this. In case the above projects didn’t keep you busy enough, you can also check out the instructions below to leverage your location 5G or LTE network with Azure Percept. Good luck!

Project Link: Connect Azure Percept Over 5G or LTE Networks | Microsoft Docs


Additional resources

Information about the Azure Percept development kit can be found here.

Find out more about Azure Percept Studio, which allows you to connect, build, customise and manage your Azure Percept edge solutions.

Subscribe to the Azure Percept active YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with the latest news.

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