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TelstraDev End of Year Wrap: 2020

We made it! Welcome to the end of 2020, may it soon be just a distant memory. Though it wasn’t the year we expected, let’s look on the bright side. Despite almost a full year working from home, our hard-working developers, product managers, designers, engineers and (me!) our Developer Advocate still delivered some improvements and additions to TelstraDev, to make your developer experience more efficient and enjoyable than ever before.

BY Michelle Howie


Introducing Telstra Captis

UPDATE [15/7/21]: This product is no longer available for purchase on TelstraDev. More details 


Calling all IoT makers and innovators: we've launched a new device! Telstra Captis Data Logger is robust, it’s secure, it’s connected out-of-the-box, and it’s already powering data insights across the country. Now, it’s available to our TelstraDev developers too.

BY Tiana Fong


Telstra's IoT Platform


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects that collects data from the environment and connects via the internet. With a myriad of sensors that digitise the physical environment, we can pretty much connect any 'thing' at any time, wherever there's internet access.

BY Brendan Myers


Introducing the Arduino MKR NB1500

Last year we were proud to announce our partnership with Arduino to help create an (read more about it here, IoT network ready, device for developers. For us this partnership is really important to help create an IoT network specific device that is quick and easy to use, while being versatile to prototype with and has a wealth of library support.